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Bit | Benefits For Better Life

Bit | Benefits For Better Lif e  - The fruit that is quite expensive. Although expensive, you should not underestimate the benefits of beet for health. Bits of fruit have a blood red color on the skin, a glimpse of many people who think that the beets in the supermarket are sweet potatoes. Indeed sweet potatoes are very similar in shape to beets, but the meat and the benefits are very different. If we are split, this beer has a red flesh of blood. For flavor problems, beets have a distinctive fruit flavor. To get the benefits of these beets, you can make a bitter beetroot juice or consume it directly. To make juice the way is very easy, wear gloves to protect your hands from the red color of this fruit, then peel the skin and then wash it after it is cut into pieces and put in a blender. In this article will discuss some of the benefits of beet for health. Benefits of Bit Fruits For Body Health Bit Fruit  is very efficacious in the prevention and treatment of a disease, this is because

Banana | Benefits For Better Life

Banana | Benefits For Better Life - Bananas are fruits that are often found in Indonesia. Bananas are easy to get in all places and at relatively affordable prices. Bananas are suitable for desserts. Consuming bananas regularly turns out many benefits of bananas for the health of the body. Good bananas are consumed by pregnant mothers to help fetal growth. Due to the nutrients contained in bananas are potassium and folic acid. Bananas can help the body store reserves of calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, which work to build tissue repair and regeneration in the body. Good bananas are consumed by pregnant mothers to help fetal growth The benefits of bananas are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium. Here are the benefits of bananas for health. Banana Nutrition Content Banana Benefits -  Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world for a good reason. Yellow-shaped curved fruit wr

Avocado | Benefits For Better Life

Avocado | Benefits For Better Life - Avocado benefits are important to our health, many of the benefits of avocado that we do not realize can help us prevent dangerous diseases and increase metabolism. Benefits of avocado fruit are quite varied ranging from for simple diseases and diseases that are very dangerous such as cancer that not only we get the benefits of mangosteen skin and soursop benefits. Before we discuss in more detail about the benefits of avocado, it's good we know the various nutrients contained in the avocado. Healthy fats Make no mistake, the fat in the avocado is good fats, the portion reaches about three-quarters of the total calories from avocado fruit. This means that fat has a fairly high content in this avocado fruit. The fat content is monounsaturated fat, in the form of oleic acid. Monounsaturated fats are considered as good fats that can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood, lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease. Protein Each avocado consi

Apple | Benefits For Better Life

Apple | Benefits For Better Life  - The benefits of apples are well known as a very good fruit for maintaining health. Even to prevent disease, but also powerful for diet. Who does not like apples? These beautiful fruits are widely consumed to help the diet. What benefits can we get from an apple? Let's discuss them one by one apple fiber that makes repletion longer lasts on the abdomen The Benefits Apple For Diet The benefits of apples for diet is one all told the foremost celebrated within the world. however, will apples facilitate your daily diet to be successful? the because of operating apples into the diet ar type of a standardized as a result of the sides of rice is an awfully high fiber content, this fruit makes associate degree extended satiation in our abdomen. Then what's the connection? This fiber goes to be very useful for the intake of food/appetence high-calorie foods we tend to tend to stand liveable to minimize. once the abdomen has monosaccharide, the abdomen

African Mango | Benefits For Better Life

African Mango | Benefits For Better Life -  What is a mango? Perhaps many of you are still unfamiliar with this mango term. Yes, as the name implies, African mango is one type of fruit endemic to Africa, precisely the Cameroon region. African mango itself is actually no different shapes than ordinary mango fruit, it's just that this mango fruit has a lot of benefits as well as health benefits for the body. Mango itself is one of the common fruits consumed by local people of Cameroon. Recently, many researchers are interested in research on the efficacy and also the important benefits of this African mango. African mango fruit is to have a very high fiber content Nutrient content The most important benefit of this African mango fruit is to have a very high fiber content. The very fiber content in this fruit was able to make a person hungry for a longer time. This is due to the content of a substance called Gabonesis Irvingia. This Irvine can help trigger the production of leptin enz

Acai Berry | Benefits For Better Life

Acai Berry | Benefits For Better Life -  Acai berry is one type of berry fruit is actually used by the Amazon forest island for thousands of years ago and still survive until today. Acai berry itself is quite rarely heard in the ears of the people, because it is not a fruit berry native to several countries, and also lost prestige with other types of berry fruits, such as strawberries, blackberries, and wine. Currently, to obtain acai berry usually can be obtained at supermarkets that sell imported fruits, because the fruit of acai berry can not be found in traditional markets.  Benefits of Acai Berry for Body Health -  Besides can be encountered in the form of fresh fruit, acai berry is also now packed in pill form, and also the form of bottle packaging that is claimed to have a lot of efficacy and benefits. Acai berry comes from the amazon forest Excess Acai Berry Fruit Benefits of Acai Berry for Body Health -  Regardless of the claims from the factory that makes supplements of the b

Watermelon Plant Care - Part II

Watermelon Plant Care - Rods are the leaves too long also can cut edges so that the internal power that is used for the development of the fruit, without the need for a similar force for the growth of shoots or stems elongation useless. Scissors cuts scars can be smeared with fungicides or herbicides to prevent infectious diseases. To facilitate the application of the drug workmanship, use a small brush. POLLINATION MADE Watermelon Plant Care - Part I Watermelon Seed Planting Maintenance Watermelon Seed * On time * Appropriate Male flowers as pollinators we take the pollen that is in the middle of the petals using a small brush clean and dry. Brush already adhere pollen on the stigma we apply at a female flower in the middle of the flower crown until evenly distributed. Basting workmanship should be done with caution so that interest is not broken. The interest that has been spread pollen we cover with paper bags that we have prepared. Artificial pollination may also be done without t