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Can dogs eat watermelon - Good or Bad

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon - Good or Bad

Caitlin Riffee investigations about the impact the safety and nutritional value of watermelon against dogs.Do you enjoy how fresh slices of watermelon? Have you ever if your dog who wants to enjoy the fresh watermelon slices it, then what is at risk against your pets dog? In this article, we will discuss how to prepare watermelon which is very popular in the summer, so it's safe to take your pet dog. With a high content of nutrients and low in calories, watermelon can nourish Your favorite dog!

Is The Watermelon Bad for Dog Health?

Like most food for humans, the watermelon is not always safe for pets to eat. Watermelon seeds can not be digested by dogs.

If a dog ingests a large amount of watermelon, seeds can cause intestinal blockage in them. in this situation, if not immediately get help from a veterinarian will then result in deaths against your dog.

Is It Safe to Consume Watermelon Dog?

Can dogs consume watermelon? Yes, watermelon is safe to eat your dog, but need a little bit of preparation before your dog consumed.

Cubed or diced watermelon seed-bearing, not so that or discard watermelon seeds by removing the seeds, that's the way to do so that your dog can eat watermelon safely. However, it is important to remember that many fruits, including watermelon, naturally has a fairly high sugar levels.

You might think that feed the fruit for a four-legged beast that's good for them rather than treating the dog, but the truth is, the fruit is full of sugar that it's not necessary for your pet.Too much sugar intake can cause stomach pain in the short term. And in the long term can lead to tooth decay, excessive weight, or even diabetes!Therefore, if you want to give the watermelon or sweet fruit as fodder so require special processing before it is given to your pet.

Is Watermelon Good for Dogs?

The flesh of the watermelon that is dense and rich in nutrients so that it is beneficial for the health of dogs. Watermelon also contains vitamins A, C, and potassium so it is very good for health. Vitamin A is essential for skin health and your dog's night vision. Vitamin C, contain antioxidants which are essential for human beings, so also is beneficial for the dog, so that it can accelerate the growth can also enhance immune because their hearts don't produce enough vitamin C naturally. Potassium is an essential nutrient for the cardiovascular health of your pet. When your dog is experiencing a shortage of potassium, then it can result in increased risk to suffer a heart attack or heart failure.Other benefits of watermelon are having a high water content more than 90% of the composition of the watermelon that is water. Your dog will feel glad to get the sweetness of the fruit is well-earned indulgence served on summer afternoons are hot and humid!

How Many Watermelon Can be Eaten by a Dog?

United Kingdom Department of agriculture gave a statement, that the dice cup of watermelon pieces have only 46 calories.Because this watermelon doesn't have many calories, you might fall asleep so let your dog eat slices of watermelon in great numbers.Note, however, that your dog gets the most of the calories and nutrients obtained from meat or wet food, while nutrients not found in meat or food commercial dog food. So who is in need when consuming the fruit not the calories but no nutrients obtained from dog food in General.In contrast, for dogs that are overweight or obese feeding containing lots of calories can be bad for your dog. Use your best judgment when about to deliver any food for your pet.

Can Dogs Eat The Watermelon Rind?

Can I give my dog watermelon rind? Unfortunately, the answer is no.When dogs chew watermelon skin can cause abdominal pain which resulted in bad for your dog.Just like humans, dogs are not able to digest the Rind of fruits.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Without Seed-Bearing?

If you want to feed the watermelon without seeds to your dog, then you really have the best solutions for your dog (and maybe that's the most efficient way).Unlike the watermelons seeded (which does not have a seed you need not bother throwing out the seeds before giving it to pets), all you have to do with watermelon without seeds is the scoop flesh of the fruit from the skin and place the pieces of watermelon strips into the bowl for Fido or Fluffy and can be enjoyed.

Conclusion - The Dog Can Eat Watermelon?

does watermelon good for dogs? The short answer is Yes, as a gift. And as a special treatment for your favorite animal, moderation is the key.In addition, the flesh of the watermelon must be dredged from the skin, as the skin can not be digested by dogs. If watermelons have seeds, you have to eliminate the seeds of seeds to prevent the occurrence of blockage is likely to occur when the seeds of the reach your dog's intestines. Finally, make sure that your dog is consuming enough protein and calories of regular dog food.The fruit can provide the vitamin intake, but it's not natural for carnivores with food that is right for their needs.

How About You?

Have you ever been tempted to share Your watermelon with your dog?  Did he enjoy it?



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