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Maintenance Watermelon Seed

Maintenance Watermelon Seed
watermelon and seeds
Maintenance Watermelon Seed, In addition to watering with water on a regular basis, the seedlings should be taken not to dry. Therefore it is necessary fertilization through leaves to spur the development of seedlings. In addition, it should be sprayed with a drug solution guards the quality of seeds simultaneously with foliar fertilizer earlier. Spraying should be done in the morning or evening using fine spray atomizer that led to the water being sprayed will be in the form of water mist. Try spraying can regarding all existing plants until wet. Spraying should be done periodically every 3 days. Seed receiving regular spraying will quickly evolve so at the age of 14 days had to be moved to the field.

Formula fertilizer and drugs used in each time period of spraying was as follows:

  • Crystal or powder form:
Dosage: Three-quarters of a tablespoon for every 14-17 liters of water solvent.
  • Liquid foliar fertilizer:
Dosage: 8 ccs for every 14-17 liters of water solvent.
Foliar fertilizers can be selected from a variety of brands, which have element content of N (nitrogen) tall.

Insecticides can be selected from a wide range of brands, either a contact or systemic insecticide in the form of liquid or powder.
Dosage: 10 ccs every 14-17 liters of water solvent.

Fungicides can be selected from a wide range of brands, both in the form of powder or liquid.
Fungicides powder: 1 tablespoon pressed for every 14-17 liters of water solvent.
Fungicides liquid: 2 tablespoons pressed for every 14-17 liters of water solvent

Maintenance Watermelon Seed - The third kind of material we had to first stir in a small bucket, and then we put in a tank sprayer and we pour the water until the amount is 14-17 liters, depending on the capacity of the sprayer tank (usually a knapsack sprayer tank and unloading capacity of between 14-17 liters of water ). Then the drug dose or fertilizer tailored to the capacity sprayer earlier.

The use of drugs for each time spraying should use different drugs to avoid the possibility of pest and disease immunity against one of the active ingredients of the drug. As a rule spraying, Mr. Habe present examples of drug formulations for spraying the seedlings as follows:

Seedling age 6 days.
For every 14-17 liters of water soluble solvent material:
  • 10 cc (ml) of liquid insecticide Lannate L.
  • 2 tablespoons liquid fungicide pressed Ditblalhan 4 F.
  • 7 tablespoons powdered leaf fertilizer Topsoil D.

Seedling age of 9 days.
For every 14-17 liters of water a solvent, dissolved material:
  • 10 cc (ml) of liquid insecticide Supracide 45 EC.
  • 1 tablespoon pressed powder fungicide Benlate.
  • 4 tablespoons of powdered leaf fertilizer Topsail D.

Seedling age 12 days.
For every 14-17 liters of water soluble solvent material:
  • 10 cc (ml) of liquid insecticide Host Albion 40 EC.
  • 1.5 tablespoons of powdered fungicide pressed Liliane 45 M.
  • 5 tablespoons of powder topsoil foliar fertilizers D.
Please note, during this seeding, spraying does not use leveling materials and adhesives, as crop conditions are still fragile. Coercion is the use of such materials sometimes even causing damage to seedlings that we planted.

When the seeds to be planted in the planting area is selected from seed watermelon triploid species (non-seed) were also encouraged to plant too little watermelon type of haploid (seeded). Given the male flowers triploid watermelon species, pollen does not contain seeds (sterile), so it's a marriage made in later we had to use another male flower pollen to grow perfect (fertile). Male flowers are so possessed by watermelon types Haploid. The number of haploid watermelon seed requirement is as much as 0.5% of the number of triploid seed is prepared.

Power plant watermelons grow a more rapidly haploid type of growth, the future of this seed breeding should be intermittent 7 to 10 days after triploid seed sown. So do not overlap the nursery. In practice in the field, turned out to plant watermelon types of haploid also less survive when planting is arranged alternately with the type of triploid watermelon plants.

Planting arranged so it often transmits germs on a triploid plant that is still in its infancy fruit. Based on this reality, these haploid watermelon plants should be planted separately in special beds located on the edge of the planting area. While the seed hatchery way similar to the way Mr. Habe seeding has been described previously.

Maintenance Watermelon Seed - Selection of pesticides and fungicides to be mixed should be tailored to the instructions on the container of each drug.



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