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Watermelon Juice - Fresh and Delicious

Watermelon juice - a refreshing drink made of fruit that has a moisture content of most namely watermelon. Selin was also watermelon juice can also be beneficial for the health of our body. All culinary lovers surely know if watermelon juice is very delicious and refreshing. On this occasion, we will discuss the watermelon juice to dish menu completely. The menu of watermelon juice is very popular from children to adults. The menu is very fitting dishes served during family gatherings or your best friend. Watermelon juice dish menu is also easy to find and easy to the manufacturing process. So the culinary connoisseurs need not bother to seek out and make it.

The fruit that has the Latin name Citrullus Lanatus (Thunb) also has many health benefits, for that consume it.. some of the benefits of this watermelon fruit of which can help strengthen the heart, nourish eyes, strengthens bones and others.

well, no need to linger to discuss benefits of watermelon, let's get right to the subject matter of discussion which is about how to make the watermelon juice. Before you prepare in advance for materials and equipment to make this fresh dishes. Here's the recipe ...

Materials that need to be set up:

1. Prepare fruit watermelon 1/4 cut, then remove the seeds the seeds
2. Provide also a mature white water 300 ml

For Equipment, you can simply provide the Blender

How to make Fresh watermelon juice:

1. First of all, we used to wash fruit watermelon, so maintained clean.
2. Then cut into sections
3. Just plug the blender into the roll of electrical flow,
    and then insert the piece of watermelon into a blender.
4. Take the water that had already been provided and then input into the blender.
5. Turn on the blender, watermelon and wait until the water becomes smooth.
6. Finished, pour the watermelon juice into a glass and add ice cubes to small size.
7. Fresh watermelon juice ready served. enjoy the dishes

For the water could have been replaced with 300 ml of liquid, milk or lemon to be more varied.
The foregoing discussion of the times may be useful, so good luck. Thank you!




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