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Watermelon Seed Planting Process

Watermelon Seed Planting Process - Seed type we have chosen have to be submitted in advance. Import hybrid seed, especially seed types triploid (non-seed) had quite a hard seed coat, so that when direct seeded hood roots sometimes not able to open the seed coat and can not germinate. So to enhance seed germination power, we need to hold an effort to encourage the germination of the seed. The trick is as follows:

1. Stretching The Seed Coat

Stretching seeds require tools such as nail clippers small long triangular shape. Section shears are used to stretch the seed is part of the scissors, eye scissors used to cut the nails. For more details can be seen in the following figure:

Nail clippers for stretching seed

Seeds that have been prepared in the packaging container is opened and accommodated in a small container wide surface. We recommend spending the seed of the container was done little by little, depending on the speed of treatment of stretch, to avoid seed mushy coat due to exposure to the air, given the seed packaging thus made specifically and airtight.

Seeds held base (part rounded grains) with the thumb and index finger of the left hand. The end of the seed is clamped to the side of the nail clippers, as envisaged, with scissors enough pressure lever until you hear a nutshell mark cracking. To prevent excessive pressure, the index finger of the right hand is placed under the nail scissors lever seems to be a sort of bumper braking

Overemphasis can lead stretched too broad beans which can cause cracks or broken pieces of seed can not sprout up.

Watermelon Seed Planting Process - The seeds are already stretched accommodated in another container to avoid missed on a stretch of the seed or seed possibility stretched more than once.

2. Soaking Seeds

Seeds that have stretched us soak in a solution of the drugs we potion of ingredients:
  • The water is warm, with temperatures between 20-25 ° Celsius, as much as 1 liter.
  • 1 teaspoon of plant growth hormones
  • 1 teaspoon pressed fungicide (anti-fungal)
  • 0.5 teaspoons pressed bactericide, example, A great 25 WP.

The fourth ingredient evenly stirred in a container, then used to soak the seeds of watermelon that has been stretched. Soaking time for 10 to 30 minutes. Soaking the seeds should not be too long because it could lead to more rapid seed rot.

If considered dissolving the material too much, given the need for only a little marinade solution, mixed formulations can be adjusted according to need. Conversely, if the amount of the solution is not sufficient, we fold the formula had been able to duplicate the numbers.

After soaking considered sufficient, seeds removed and drained until the water stops flowing, then seedlings ready to be added.

3. The Seed Germination

To germinate the seeds that have been soaked with the drug solution, we need the following ingredients:
  • Plastic containers or other materials, rectangular or round, sekitar5 cm tall, large size according to the number of seeds that will sprout.
  • Newsprint net or other materials (such as tissue paper, rice paper, etc.) sufficiently.
  • The bath towels that magnitude can be sufficient if used to cover plastic containers that we use.
  • Fungicide.
  • Warm water.
Seeds that have germinated

How workmanship seed germination are as follows:
  • Newsprint moistened with a fungicide (anti-fungal) taste until evenly moist.
  • Wet newsprint is then set in a plastic container that we prepare evenly on the base and sides of the container thickness of 3-6 layers of paper.
  • Seeds that have been drained while overlayed on top of the surface layer of the wet newspaper said, do not be too crammed so as not to complicate our own, given the young roots will come out that will certainly be damaged if we take the seeds cramped.
  • Our seeds on a bed of wet newspaper as Layer back cover 3-6 layers thick.
  • Then we blanket the container with a towel soaked in warm water clean one or two layers.
  • Containers that have been put in place shrouded in watery and shielded from the sun or things that can be damaging. The safest is to store the container was in a small closet lit by a 10-watt incandescent light bulb, until the temperature in the small closet space was pretty warm. Such an atmosphere can encourage germination power faster and more seeds have germinated. The maximum germination old 2 x 24 hours.
  • After a grace period of 2 x 24 hours, the seed is seen taking root, although only a few mm only. Furthermore, the seeds are ready to be moved into the nursery bag.
4. Seeding Seed

Prior to sow the seeds that have been sprouted, need to be prepared seedlings bag made from a plastic bag thickness of 0.2 or 0.3 mm in size: a length of 12 cm and a width of 9 cm by seed that we need. Each bag had just planted seedlings one seed only.
Plastic bags before we cut into the corners of the bottom so that excess water can spray out of the bag. Once the bag is filled with a mixture of soil and organic fertilizer (manure) with formulas as follows:
  • 1 part garden soil.
  • 1 part compost/humus ripe.
  • 1 part sheep manure that has been cooked.
Manure fastest growing seedling plant seeds that we are organic fertilizer derived from the fold. But if the trouble gets manure, we can use another manure as a substitute with a dose of the same formulas.

The seeds that have germinated roots we put down flat with downward when the visible roots grow long enough (usual root will thus bend). Best seeding time is before the roots grow too long, given the condition of the roots are easily broken if we are not careful in the seedling. Long roots are planted is ideal for 1 to 2 mm.

Once the seeds we put in bags of seedlings, we sprinkle the surface with a mixture of ground such as seedlings bag media itself until seed embedded approximately 3 to 5 mm.

5. Care Seedlings

Seedling bags that had contained the seeds, we Tile in a place exposed to full sun from sunrise to sunset. Above a row of bags, we make a cover (protector) of the transparent plastic sheet by the frame such that it becomes a sort of mini greenhouse. One end we leave it open for ventilation.

During the first 5 days of the seedlings planted, above a row of bags for seedlings should be added the cover of leaves to keep moisture from seed. Plastic sheet roof above the seedlings also needs to be added to the foliage or other material to dampen the (temporary) sunlight. Two days later the foliage cover over the seedling bag we can take at once. Following gradually take the roof cover, which usually lasts for 5 days.

Watermelon Seed Planting Process - During the seeding period (lasting 14 days). Infill soil wetness seedling bag should always be considered. Land seedlings were seen starting to dry must be watered with ordinary water with the aid of a removable atomizer tip Sprayer that bag filler soil seedlings do not fall apart. Besides, periodically seedlings need to be sprayed with foliar fertilizers and anti-pest and fungus that can be seen on the maintenance of seedlings. 12-14 days after the seeds are planted, when the seedlings have 2-3 leaves strands mean ready to move to plantation



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