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Watermelon Seed Planting

Watermelon Seed Planting
The process of planting seedlings at planting land
Watermelon Seed Planting
Punching tool mulch

  • 1 teaspoon pressed liquid plant growth hormone, for example, atonik, bitonic, Deka mon, mandrel, etc.
  • 1 teaspoon bactericidal pressed powder, for example, Agrept 25 WP, WP 1.5 Agrymicyn.
  • 1teaspoon pressed Shaped fungicide powder or flour, for example, Benlate, Dithane M 45, Daconil etc.
Watermelon Seed Planting
Rows of seedlings ready to be planted on the bed moved
  • Plastic bags are torn with a knife or scissors with caution until the roots are not damaged or broken.
  • Infill soil plant and bag before we enter into the planting hole.
  • The cracked hole we cover the ground we prepare for that purpose.
  • Planting hole has been completed planted and closed ground, flush with a little water so that the soil media seedlings with the soil around it without any remaining cavity.

Watermelon Seed Planting - After the seeds we sow leafy 2 or 3 pieces or about 14 days old, we've been able to move into growing areas that we have prepared. For 14 days we waited seedlings grow big enough, the land we own fertilizer into the soil poor and are ready for planting. The process of planting seedlings at planting land is as follows:

1. Preparation Of The Planting Hole
The planting hole should be made a week before the seedlings are transferred, considering planting rows lie where we cover with plastic mulch until there arises the possibility of the gasses due to the demolition of fertilizers can poison (burn) plants when planting hole is made in conjunction with the time of planting.

The planting hole is made in a row along the embankment, about the distance of 20-30 cm from the edge of the bed. The distance between the holes with each other 80 to 100 cm, depending on the thickness of the soil beds (bed height). So that the hole making it look neat and facilitate the control of the plant, part of which will be drilled marked beforehand. Given the planting hole to be made lies in the place covered with plastic mulch, it is necessary to prepare plastic perforating tools made from tin cans of paint the size of 1 kg as follows:

Watermelon Seed Planting - How to use the tool is embers of charcoal or other material (husk, wood, etc.), Modest to the tin punching tool becomes hot. Furthermore, the can board we stick to the will we pitted for a few seconds until the can when we lift there will be holes in the plastic that magnitude can be uniform and tidy.

The day before the seed was planted in the holes, holes need to be made for bags seedlings. Perforation can use round wood or bamboo (about the diameter of the pockets of seeds) that we plug in where we want, with a depth of about 8-10 cm.

2. The First Mass Irrigation
Three days before the seeds are planted in beds, planting area irrigated mass necessary to moisten the soil so ready for planting. Water from irrigation canals flowed through flooded areas as high as about three-quarters planting bed height, new water intake channel we close the meeting. Water puddles before we let soak until they run by themselves, drainage channels out planting area is not necessary to open (in the clogged state).

Mass irrigation is intended to simplify and lighten the work of transplanting a few days later. When the bulk of irrigation is not done, then it needs to be watered planting area of water which is pretty much on every hole-hole. Another goal of this mass irrigation is to dissolve the artificial fertilizer, which may have decomposed. In this way, adverse effects on plant seeds can be avoided.

3. Soaking Seedling Bags
Moments before the seedling bags containing the seeds we move on the bed, the seedling bags we soak in a solution of the drug. The aim is to prevent damage to seedlings when we take off the plastic bag, as well as a kind of immunization step.

The duration of immersion in a solution of such drugs is 5-10 minutes. To save energy and immersion time can be done in large quantities in a bucket that extends the surface so that when we fill the drug solution and some seed bags are also dissolved together. After several soaks, water immersion is reduced due to absorbed by the soil of seedling bags we add the same solution until the entire bag submerged seedlings.

Shredded drug solution bags of seedlings that we arrange the material as follows:

These three kinds of materials such amount can be dissolved in any one quart of water solvent. So to soak all seedling bags, note or estimated how much medicine to be prepared marinade. Then mix these ingredients we mix a solution multiples marinade as needed. The third stirring the ingredients should be until blended completely. The new solution is ready for use. Bag submerged seedlings have enough removed and drained a few moments, then planted in the holes.

4. Planting Seeds
Seedlings bag that is long enough we drain, to water immersion have the opportunity to flow out the bag, we put in the planting hole first. To speed up planting progress of the work should be done by several people at once. Each officer was given the task which is set such that the process of planting can be quickly finished with a neat and perfect result without any damage to seedlings. For example there

a shredded force that specialized seed soaking, seed no energy carrier and put in the planting hole and the most important power in charge of opening the bag seedlings planted seedlings in the planting hole. This last labor should really understand all agricultural techniques, in order to carry out their duties with meticulous, neat and nimble, because the watermelon seed planting should be completed before the sun rises too high that its rays can burn the seeds that we have planted. Planting seedlings in the planting hole are as follows:



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