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Kersen | Cherry | Benefits For Better Life

In Madurese, this fruit is called baleci. Other names in some countries are datiles, aratiles, manzanitas (Philippines); Mât sâm (Vietnam); Khoom sômz, takhôb (Laos); Takhop farang (Thailand); Krâkhôb goods (Cambodia); And the sufficiency of Siam (Malaysia). Also known as capulin blanco, cacaniqua, nigua, niguito (Spanish); Jamaican cherry, Panama berry, and Singapore cherry (UK). The Dutch used to call it Japanse kers ("Japanese cherries"), which were later taken into cherries in Indonesian or some call them ceri.       Description Shrubs or trees, tall to 12 m, though generally only about 3-6 m only. Green is immortal and continually flowering and fruitful throughout the year. Horizontal branches, hanging at the ends; Form a shady shade. The smooth-haired twigs mix with the hair glands; So did the leaves. Leaf Leaf lever that tapered the shape of the yarn The leaves are lying flat; Unsymmetrical leaf blades, circular lancets eggs, jagged edges and pointed edges, 1-4 × 4-14

Benefit of Otaheite Gooseberry

Otaheite Gooseberry | Cermai Benefits For Better Life - Not many know this one fruit. Fruit Cermai or which has Latin name "Phyllanthus Acidus" is a fruit that does not grow anywhere. The shape of this fruit is like a dense flower that is bright yellowish greenish and the flesh is whitish. The meat is watery and has a pretty sour and sour taste. which has Latin name "Phyllanthus Acidus" In English, it is called Otaheite gooseberry , Malay gooseberry, and some other names. The scientific name is Phyllanthus Acidus. other names: Malay gooseberry Tahitian gooseberry Country gooseberry Star gooseberry Starberry West India Gooseberry Orboroi (in Bangladesh) Grosella (in Puerto Rico) Jimbilin (in Jamaica) Damsel (in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada) Karamay (in the Northern Philippines) Layuan (in the Bicol region of the Philippines) Rata nelli (in Srilanka) Bangkiling (in the Southern Philippines) Cermai (in Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, and Malaysia) Goanbili (

Cempedak | Benefits For Better Life

the aroma is often strong piercing like durian fruit Cempedak | Benefits For Better Life . Cempedak is a fruit plant from the family Moraceae. The shape of the fruit, taste, and fragrance like jackfruit, although the aroma is often strong piercing like durian fruit. Distribution of Habitat This plant originated in Southeast Asia and is widely spread from the Tenasserim region of Burma, the Malay Peninsula including Thailand, and parts of the archipelago: Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku to Papua. Also widely found in western Java. Widely known as  Cempedak  or campedak, this fruit also has several local names such as bangkong (cempedak forest, wild form in Malaysia), baroh (Kep Lingga and Johor), jacket beurit (Sunda), nongko cino (Java), forest cubadak (Minangkabau) tiwadak (Banjar) and others. Description Trees are always green, while the large and tall tree trunks can reach 20m although most only reach a dozen meters. Twigs and shoots with fine hair and stiff, brownish single homes

Carica Benefits | For Better Life

Carica Benefits | For Better Life  - Carica Tree in Dieng, Wonosobo. To eat Carica fruit is still needed special preparations, for example, made candied or syrup, because if not processed, Carica will be the cause of itching in the tongue and lips. Papaya Dieng or Karika (often written Carica, Vasconcellea Cundinamarcensis, syn. Carica Pubescens, Carica Quercifolia, Carica Goudotiana, and Carica Candamarcensis) are papaya relatives who favor wetland state, 1,500-3000 m above sea level. In Wonosobo region this plant is commonly called Carica, and in Bali, this plant is called Gedang Memedi. Its home region is the Andes highlands, South America. The first fruit found in America Dieng papaya plant is a small tree or shrub that is not woody, similar to ordinary papaya (Carica papaya L.), but has more branches and the size of all parts of the plant is smaller. Average height is 1-2 meters, male flowers have long stalked up to 15 cm and female flowers larger with hard and short stems. Dieng

Carambola | Benefits For Better Life

Carambola | Benefits For For Better Life - Carambola fruit has another name that is Starfruit, even most people are more familiar with the term Starfruit. Carambola is a fruit that comes from the country with a tropical climate. The fruit is yellowish when it is ripe, with a fruit shape that much-loved people. Star fruit is very refreshing, so often processed into a variety of recipes. In addition to the taste that shakes the tongue, star fruit is also very good for health and also provide benefits for beauty. Carambola is a fruit that comes from the country with a tropical climate. Benefits of Carambola for Health Benefits of Carambola - Carambola is one of the richest exotic fruit benefits. About 100 grams of star fruit, provides 31 calories much lower than for other popular tropical fruits. In addition, a number of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins contain a number of benefits to starfruit for health, such as the following ((, Star fruit (carambola