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Cantaloupe | Benefits For Better Life

Cantaloupe | Benefits For Better Life - The fruit that often appears in the month of Ramadan. In addition to refreshing, cantaloupe has its own specialties for the health of the body. Fruit similar to melon fruit is a plant that is commonly found in Southeast Asia including in Indonesia. The fruit of cantaloupe is usually consumed by way of mixed drinks. In fact, there are also who use it by making a compote like a pumpkin. The price is cheap, delicious but this quality, making it much hunted people.

Cantaloupe fruits
The fruit of cantaloupe is usually consumed by way of mixed drinks

A Content of Cantaloupe Fruit:

The composition of the benefits of the cantaloupe itself contains so many nutrients. The fruit of cantaloupe is known to have minerals and vitamins and dietary fiber that has many benefits to increase endurance. Cantaloupe Fruits - From The Journal of Food Science observes that 100 grams of average cantaloupe contain:
  • Vitamin A - 3382IU (sufficient up to 68% daily requirement of vitamin A)
  • Vitamin C - 36.7 mg (adequate 61% daily requirement of vitamin C)
  • Mineral Potassium - 267 mg (sufficient 8% daily requirement of potassium)
  • Folate - as much as 21 mcg (sufficient 5% daily requirement will be folate)
  • Magnesium - 12.69 mg
  • Manganese - 0.03 mg
  • Copper - 0.05 mg
  • Zinc - 0.10 mg
  • Cobalt - 0.003 mg
  • Chrome - 0.005 m
Of these nutrient-rich contents, comes the features of this cantaloupe. Of the benefits are so greatly felt for those who regularly consume them.

The benefits of cantaloupe fruit Including:

  • 1. Lose Weight
Cantaloupe Fruits can lose weight because the fruit cantaloupe has a low content of sugar and calories. Therefore, good fruit cantaloupe if consumed while undergoing a diet program, which is also able to maintain a healthy body.

  • 2. Lowering Blood Pressure
Potassium content, the benefits of vitamin C and potassium in cantaloupe helps in lowering blood pressure, while also beneficial for controlling blood pressure. Even this fruit has no cholesterol at all. Therefore, this cantaloupe is very safe for patients who have cholesterol problems and high blood pressure.

  • 3. Lower Cholesterol
The high vitamin C in the benefits of this cantaloupe fruit can lower bad cholesterol in the blood so as to maintain cardiovascular health. Vitamin C is also useful to prevent blood clots and can strengthen the capillary walls.

  • 4. Prevent Heart Disease
The benefits of a cantaloupe fruit that has high vitamin C, is believed to prevent heart disease. It can even maintain the health of the lungs and blood vessels. RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) itself recommends that we consume beta-carotene, about 5-6mg per day to maintain heart health. The content can be felt by consuming this fruit cantaloupe, regularly so that the heart remains healthy.
Cantaloupe fruits
has high vitamin C, is believed to prevent heart disease
  • 5. Prevent Cancer Risk
If consuming less nutritious foods such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folic acid, then it can be at risk of cervical cancer. But if you consume fruits cantaloupe, then cancer can be prevented because fruit cantaloupe has 3 important nutrients.

  • 6. Overcoming Insomnia
Cantaloupe Fruits has sedative properties which are very useful for insomniacs. This sedative nature is similar to sleeping pills. So for people with insomnia, it would be nice to consume cantaloupe to be able to ward off insomnia. In addition, the benefits of chocolate also provide a calming effect that will facilitate sleep.

  • 7. Overcoming ulcer
Consuming the fruits of cantaloupe regularly can overcome the lack of appetite and ulcers. Especially when presented in the form of juice, then the ulcer will be more easily resolved because it becomes more easily digested.

  • 8. Maintain Eye Health
The content of vitamin A in the fruit cantaloupe is able to maintain eye health which is the sense of sight for the body if consumed regularly. In addition, the benefits of vitamin A is also useful to prevent the effects of free radicals due to polluted air.

  • 9. Maintaining Skin Health
The combination of vitamins A and C that are found in the fruit cantaloupe, then this fruit has the ability to maintain healthy skin and even able to prevent premature aging. Moreover, vitamin C is also able to help the synthesis of collagen. As is known, free radicals never stop attacking our skin. Therefore vitamin A, C, and vitamin E benefits of this is needed as a counterfeit. The cantaloupe contains all of these anti-radical vitamins.

Cantaloupe fruits
vitamin C is also able to help the synthesis of collagen.
  • 10. Healthy fetus
The benefits of fruits are folic acid, which is needed by healthy fetuses. The high content of folate in this cantaloupe helps to maintain and produce new cells that are very important for pregnant women for the health of the mother and the growth of the fetus.

  • 11. Smooth digestion
Consuming cantaloupe can help digestion and is able to maintain the health of the urinary tract Including preventing infection in the urinary tract. Therefore, the fruit cantaloupe contains vitamin A and dietary fiber in the fruit.

  • 12. Smooth circulatory system in the body
Because the cantaloupe has a preventive nature of blood clotting, so indirectly also means it can prevent high blood pressure (hypertension).

  • 13. Preventing Diabetes
The disease is always associated with blood sugar has been very attacking anyone, generally people who are elderly. Cantaloupe has a low content of sugar and calories, so it is very good consumed by diabetics.

  • 14. Healthy kidney organs
This is because this fruit has a very large water content. So it is very useful to launch sewerage system through urine. That way, the kidneys will work optimally in accordance with its function. That's why your kidneys will stay healthy if you get used to eating this fruit.

Well enough so many discussions about the benefits of this cantaloupe fruit. The less and more I apologize if there is a mistake in writing. Final words please leave your trail below as support and participation.



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