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Carica Benefits | For Better Life

Carica Benefits | For Better Life - Carica Tree in Dieng, Wonosobo. To eat Carica fruit is still needed special preparations, for example, made candied or syrup, because if not processed, Carica will be the cause of itching in the tongue and lips.

Papaya Dieng or Karika (often written Carica, Vasconcellea Cundinamarcensis, syn. Carica Pubescens, Carica Quercifolia, Carica Goudotiana, and Carica Candamarcensis) are papaya relatives who favor wetland state, 1,500-3000 m above sea level. In Wonosobo region this plant is commonly called Carica, and in Bali, this plant is called Gedang Memedi. Its home region is the Andes highlands, South America.

Carica Dieng Mountain
The first fruit found in America

Dieng papaya plant is a small tree or shrub that is not woody, similar to ordinary papaya (Carica papaya L.), but has more branches and the size of all parts of the plant is smaller. Average height is 1-2 meters, male flowers have long stalked up to 15 cm and female flowers larger with hard and short stems.

Dieng fruit shaped oval with a length of 6-10 cm and a diameter of 3-4 cm. Mature breech-shaped fruit with the size of 6-15 cm x 3-8 cm, the meat is hard, yellow-orange, it tastes a bit sour but fragrant, around the socks there are a lot of seeds wrapped by a white Sarkotesta and watery. The immature fruit has dark green skin and will turn yellow after it is done. Black fruit seeds with large quantities and dense. The fruit contains sap, and this Sap will decrease with increasingly close to maturity. This sap contains papain which is proteolytic.

Carica Dieng Mountain
In Indonesia alone only grows in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, East Java. But there are some who have also found it in Bali

Carica Benefits | For Better Live - Papaya Dieng is a source of calcium, sugars, vitamins A and C. Papaya contains a lot of essential oils and is derived from fatty acids. Most are 3-hydroxyester compounds, which are also found in some other tropical plants such as pineapple, mango, gooseberry, tamarillo, and Sapodilla.

Papaya Dieng was introduced to Indonesia in the period leading up to World War II by the Dutch East Indies colonial government and successfully developed in Dieng Plateau. Now "Carica" became one of the typical hand of the area.

This fruit can be used as syrup, juice, sweets, and jams. The fruit is suitable to be eaten by people who have a weak stomach against the fruit because it has the properties to improve digestion. Fruits can also be eaten fresh. In Java, the fruit is sold to tourists, used for local consumption, and canned. In South America, this fruit is used as a non-alcoholic soft drink and made into jam. Young fruit is usually dried to be used as a powder material for making skin diseases or cosmetics.

The leaves can be used as a meat tenderizer because they contain papain. In addition, papain substances are used in various food and pharmaceutical industries. In the Dieng area, the mountain papaya fruit is still a local consumption and canned beverages in cans but still in limited quantities.

Dieng papaya plants are more resistant to cold air and viruses commonly attacking ordinary papaya. It is used as an elder for the "Babaco" hybrid fruit, a popular papaya species in South America.

Benefits of Carica Fruits For Health

Carica Dieng Mountain
Because it only grows in Dieng Plateau, this fruit is hard to find and we are not easy to find it in any supermarket.

Carica Benefits | For Better Live - For the people of Indonesia, some of us are not so familiar with this one fruit. Carica fruit is hard to find because it only grows in the plains. This means that Carica fruit only grows in areas high and has a cold temperature or in the mountains. Benefits of Carica fruit for health is not a bit, but very large so we can use it.

About Carica Fruits

The first fruit found in America. In Indonesia alone only grows in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, East Java. But there are some who have also found it in Bali. Because it only grows in Dieng Plateau, this fruit is hard to find and we are not easy to find it in any supermarket. The fruit that has a physical like Papaya fruit has many properties behind the difficulty of finding this fruit.

The nutritional content of Carica fruit

Not many know the efficacy of Carica fruit for health and only know if this fruit has a sour taste and fresh. Whereas Carica fruit contains many Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Enzyme papain, and Calcium which is certainly beneficial to our body. Well, the content - the content that makes Carica fruit has many benefits.

Benefits of Carica fruit

Carica Dieng Mountain
a physical like Papaya fruit has many properties behind the difficulty of finding this fruit.

Carica Benefits | For Better Live - In general, Carica fruit can be utilized in various aspects of life. Let's review the following in more detail.

  • 1. Giving business land

Indirectly, the fruit that grows only in the highlands provides a special business area for residents living in the area. Carica fruit has many functions as a food ingredient because it can be processed into many kinds. Like jam, sweets, syrup, chips. Wonosobo residents themselves are making a home industry that process Carica fruit and sell it.

  • 2. Can be a skin remedy

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are also good for warding off free radicals and UV rays that can damage skin health. Carica fruit also has a property to treat skin diseases. Carica fruit in America is used as a cure skin disease in the form of drugs - drugs.

  • 3. Being cosmetic and skin care

Not only for skin medicines, Carica fruit can form collagen in the body. So this fruit is also the ingredient of cosmetics and skin care. Collagen produced can make the skin becomes smooth and avoid from premature aging such as avoiding wrinkles on the face and body. Consuming regularly will certainly have a big effect on our skin.

  • 4. Give freshness

Carica fruit that has been processed or also has not been processed to give freshness to the body because it has a delicious flavor. Carica fruit that has not been processed is not delicious that has been processed because it is a sour taste. Most do like Carica fruit that has been processed.

  • 5. Smooth digestion

High fiber content in papaya Dieng fruit can launch the process of digestion. Like other fruits, Carica fruit containing high Vitamin C and Fiber has the property to smooth digestion in the body. Wonosobo residents eat these fruits Rawly with the routine as intake to smooth their digestion.

  • 6. Cleans the intestines

Papain content in papaya Dieng fruit can be useful to neutralize pH and kill bad bacteria in the intestine. Because it can digestion, this also means Carica fruit can clean our gut organs naturally. For the intestines themselves, Carica fruit can eliminate bad bacteria because it can balance the acidity or pH in our intestines.

  • 7. Healthful eyes

Vitamin A content in papaya Dieng greater than carrots fruit so good for eye health. Many think that Vitamin A exists only in carrots, is not it? Carica fruit can be another intake to replace carrots to keep the eyes healthy. Especially for those of you who do not like carrot vegetables.

  • 8. Eliminate night blindness

Carica fruit containing Vitamin A can help people with night blindness gradually healed.

  • 9. Helping the Metabolic Process

Vitamin B complex plays an important role in the body's metabolism that can produce additional energy for the health of the body. Fiber and Vitamin Calcium can also help the body to have a stronger physical and protected from viruses and bacteria. Particularly due to the presence of Vitamin B Complex.

  • 10. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Papaya Dieng contains Arginine substances that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

  • 11. Delay of premature aging / anti aging

Papaya Dieng can also be used as a delay aging early / anti-aging.

  • 12. Giving warmth

In America, Carica fruit also has a property to warm the body. They processed this fruit for alcoholic beverages. According to them, the taste of alcoholic beverages from this fruit is very delicious. But in Indonesia, of course, no one is processing it into alcoholic beverages.

Carica Dieng Mountain
suitable to be eaten by people who have a weak stomach against the fruit because it has the properties to improve digestion

  • As an important note: "For people with acute diabetes and hypertension, it is advisable not to consume this fruit at all".

Carica Fruit in Indonesia

Carica fruit is often referred to as 'Papaya Gunung'. The tree alone is almost the same as Papaya. The shape of the fruit has a bright yellow color as well as with the meat and this is a difference other than the location of growth. In addition, Carica fruit seeds are smaller than Papaya fruit seeds and approached as the seeds of Passionfruit are also slimy. Carica fruit has a fairly thick Sap and should be washed three times before it is consumed and processed. Wonosobo society who process it wear gloves to avoid getting sap. For the sap of Carica fruit can cause itching and irritation when touched.

Carica Benefits - Carica fruit production Dieng Plateau has entered the international market. We can see what Carica fruit trees when visiting directly to Dieng. In addition, we can also see directly how to process Carica fruit into a variety of foods. For its own effect, until now there has been no. Unless those who wash this fruit are less clean and make the lips itch - itch. Tapu calm, the citizens of Wonosobo already very understand how to wash this fruit correctly. The price of Carica fruit is not expensive and very economical considering its tremendous benefits.
Carica Dieng Mountain
Carica fruit production Dieng Plateau has entered the international market.

Carica / Papaya Dieng
Image: Diengnus papaya (Vasconcellea pubescens)

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Order: Brassicales
Family: Caricaceae
Genus: Vasconcellea
Species: V. cundinamarcensis

Binomial name
Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis
V.M. Badillo

Well enough so many discussions about the benefits of this Carica fruit. The less and more I apologize if there is a mistake in writing. Final words please leave your trail below as support and participation.

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