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Kersen | Cherry | Benefits For Better Life

In Madurese, this fruit is called baleci. Other names in some countries are datiles, aratiles, manzanitas (Philippines); Mât sâm (Vietnam); Khoom sômz, takhôb (Laos); Takhop farang (Thailand); Krâkhôb goods (Cambodia); And the sufficiency of Siam (Malaysia).

Also known as capulin blanco, cacaniqua, nigua, niguito (Spanish); Jamaican cherry, Panama berry, and Singapore cherry (UK). The Dutch used to call it Japanse kers ("Japanese cherries"), which were later taken into cherries in Indonesian or some call them ceri.


Shrubs or trees, tall to 12 m, though generally only about 3-6 m only. Green is immortal and continually flowering and fruitful throughout the year.

Horizontal branches, hanging at the ends; Form a shady shade. The smooth-haired twigs mix with the hair glands; So did the leaves.
  • Leaf
Kersen Benefits For Better Life
Leaf lever that tapered the shape of the yarn
The leaves are lying flat; Unsymmetrical leaf blades, circular lancets eggs, jagged edges and pointed edges, 1-4 × 4-14 cm, the underside of gray-faced hair; Short stem. Leaf lever that tapered the shape of the yarn, 0.5 cm long, then dry and fall out, while the other rudimentary.

  • Flower
Kersen Benefits For Better Life
The blooming flower protrudes outward, onto the leaf blades
Flowers in the beam, containing 1-3 (-5) buds, are located in the armpit somewhat on the top of the growing leaf; Long stem; With two and five; Petals share in, Taju yarn-shaped, smooth-haired; Flat-topped crown, round reversed egg, thin white, bald, long 1 cm. Stamens are numerous, 10 to more than 100 strands. The blooming flower protrudes outward, onto the leaf blades; But after being a fruit hanging down, hidden under the leaf blade. Generally, only one or two flowers are the fruit of each file.

  • Fruit
Kersen Benefits For Better Life
Contains several thousand seeds
Long-stemmed fruit, round almost perfect, 1-1.5 cm diameter, yellow-green and finally red when ripe, crowned stalk that does not fall out like a five-pointed black star. Contains several thousand seeds that are small, smooth, yellowish-white; Immersed in sweet flesh and juice.
In addition, cherries can also be used for uric acid, diabetes, and much more.

Results, Ecology, and Dissemination

Kersen | Cherry | Benefits For Better Life - The cherry fruit is favored mainly by children, birds, and flying-fox. Schoolchildren often climb trees, leaving scars of broken branches and crushed bark. This fruit can also be used as jam. In Mexico, cherries are sold in the market. The cherry tree in Indonesia is easy to find. This tree is usually used as a shade for pedicab drivers in Indonesia.

Kersen wood is soft and easy to dry, very useful as firewood. It's easy peeled wood is used as rope and cloth material. The leaves can be a kind of tea.

Fruit-eating birds, such as the merbah and chilies, often visit this tree in the afternoon to eat its sweet fruit or juice. In the dark days, different kinds of fruit-eating bats come with the same purpose. Kersen seeds are not digested by birds and flying-fox, therefore both groups of these animals at the same time function as a seed Distribution.

The cherry tree is especially useful as a shade tree by the side of the road. These small trees initially often grow as wild saplings by the wayside, ditch, or appear in the cracks of the floor or fence walls, and eventually grow rapidly-usually left alone-enlarged as shade trees. For this reason, kersen trees are often found in crowded and crowded urban areas, on the sidewalks and in parking lots, on the banks of impassable rivers or in the usual dry spots.

Because of its properties and endurance, cassava is one of the most common pioneer plants in humans in the tropics. Coming from tropical America (southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America to Peru and Bolivia), kersen was brought into the Philippines in the late 19th century, and then rapidly spread throughout the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Nutritional Content of Cherry Fruit

Kersen||Cherry||Benefits For Better Life - Cherries have many useful ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, anthocyanins, and others. Cherries are also known as a special fruit because it contains anthocyanins, which is one source of nutritious substances to regulate one's heart rate and keep time to sleep.

Nutrition of Cherry Fruit / Cherries / Kersen
Cherry Fruit Content every 100 grams
Water 77.8 grams
Protein 0.384 grams
Fats 1.56 Grams
Carbohydrates 17.9 grams
Fiber 4.6 grams
Ash 1.14 grams
Calcium 124, 6 mg
Phosphorus 84 mg
Iron 1.18 mg
Carotene 0.019g
Tianin 0.065g
Ribofalin 0.037g
Niacin 0.554 g
Vitamin C 80.5 mg
The resulting energy value is 380KJ / 100 gram

The Benefits of Cherry Fruit For Health

Here are some of the benefits of other cherries for health :

     1. Rich in Antioxidants
Cherries are rich inefficacious antioxidants to prevent premature aging and reduce stress. Cherries can also prevent blood clots because they contain flavonoid compounds or anthocyanin glycides.

     2. Rich in Nutrition
    Cherries have a very high nutrient content that is very beneficial to the health of the body. In addition, this fruit has a low-calorie content so it is safe. This is very useful for someone who is in a weight loss program.

         3. Toxic Expenditure
    Expenditure of toxins or often known as detoxification can also be maximized by consuming cherries. The benefits of this natural detox will occur safely so it will not cause any side effects.

         4. Overcoming Uric Acid
    The content of anthocyanin in cherries is efficacious to overcome uric acid so effective to reduce joint inflammation of the joints.

         5. Pain Relievers
    Cherry fruit can be used to relieve pain without having side effects if consumed appropriately.

         6. Anti-Inflammation
    The next fruit cherry fruit contains anthocyanin which is also useful for anti-inflammatory. Or it could be said that cherries can play a role in preventing serious or chronic illness.

         7. Increasing Husband's Wife Passion
    Cherries contain vitamin A benefits and high Vitamin C benefits. This makes it nutritious to increase the passion of both married men and women.

         8. Reduce Muscle Pain
    Anti-inflammatory content on cherries is efficacious to prevent muscle pain. A study conducted in the United States mentioned on the runners. Athletes who drink cherry juice before running long distances experience less muscle pain when compared with athletes who do not drink cherry juice.

         9. Effective for Diuretics
    Cherries contain potent potassium for an effective diuretic. A good diuretic system will keep the urine discharge process regularly.

         10. Makes a Good Night's Sleep
    Cherry fruit can regulate one's sleep because of the content of melatonin in it. In addition, this substance is also useful to optimize brain function by preventing the occurrence of easy to forget. It is the same benefits of chocolate for the body that gives a sense of calm.

         11. Caring for Skin
    The antioxidant content of this fruit is among the highest. Cherry juice is very nutritious to reduce the occurrence of problems on the skin. Scientists from America also stated that a glass of cherry juice can prevent premature aging if taken daily.

         12. Reducing Free Radical Effects
    This fruit is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that are useful to counteract the effects of free radicals that can help prevent premature aging and prevent cancer. An anti-inflammatory content of cherries efficacious to prevent heart disease.

    Consuming cherries can also reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, cherries are also suitable for use as a snack or dessert because nutritious as a fiber that can facilitate digestion and as a fruit to maintain weight because of low-calorie content.

    Scientific Classification
    Kingdom : Plantae
    Division : Magnoliophyta
    Subdivisions : Seed plants
    Class : Magnoliopsida
    Order : Malvales
    Family : Muntingiaceae
    Subfamily : Prunoideae
    Genus : Muntingiaceae L.
    Species : M. calabura
    Binomial Name
    Muntingia calabura L.

    Well enough so many discussions about the benefits of this Carica fruit. The less and more I apologize if there is a mistake in writing. Final words please leave your trail below as support and participation.

    - wikipedia

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