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Benefits of Arbei Fruit for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Arbei Fruit for Health and Beauty - The strawberry fruit or which is usually also called the berry, is a fruit commonly consumed by the Indonesian people. In Indonesia alone, strawberries are quite easy to find because these fruits can grow well even though they grow in tropical climates like Indonesia. In fact, the cultivation of strawberries is very easy and simple. Besides not requiring large areas, strawberries can also be planted in large pots.

Although easy to develop, this does not affect the sensation of the strawberry itself. In addition to the delicious taste, slightly sour and fresh, this fruit also has a red or black color according to the variety.

Benefits of Arbei Fruit for Health and Beauty

In 100 grams of Strawberries Contained :
Strawberries (Arbei Fruit)
Arbei - Strawberries
Energy 37 Kcal
Protein 0.8 Gram
Fat 0.5 Mg
Carbohydrates 8.3 Gram
Folic Acid 30 Mcg
Calcium 28 Mg
Phosphorus 27 Mg
Vitamin A 60 SI(International Unit)
Vitamin B1 0.03 Mg
Water 89.9 Gram

The content of this variety of strawberries brings many benefits including:

  • 1. Treating Sprue
Arbei is a source of vitamins and minerals that can produce energy sources. The source of vitamins found in strawberries is the benefits of vitamin C with levels of 60 mg. This amount is equivalent to the daily requirement of vitamin C, so diseases that require healing such as canker sores can be treated. The trick itself is quite easy, that is, only by consuming the berries as much as 10 grams which had previously been washed first.

  • 2. Prevent Cancer
The carotenoid content contained in strawberries is a benefit of antioxidants, it can reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, this content is also able to prevent or interfere with processes that can lead to the formation of cancer cells. For those who consume strawberries, they will not be susceptible to cancer.

  • 3. Can Treat Tumors
Researchers from Australia found that rare strawberries in the northern end of Queensland state were tumor drugs that could be developed. This strawberry fruit compound can kill the head and neck tumors and the seeds of the tumor itself. The compound works by killing tumor cells directly, cutting off the blood supply and then activating the body's defense system which is damaged by a tumor. There were no side effects at all, instead the compound worked faster than previously thought.

  • 4. Can Treat Ulcer
Although strawberries have vitamin C and taste sour, this vitamin C does not provide harmful side effects to the stomach. So, for anyone who has ulcer, can calmly consume this strawberry fruit. How to use it is enough to process the strawberry into a juice until finally drunk.


  • 5. Can Treat Typhus
Typhus is a disease that occurs due to inflammation of the intestine, and is characterized by high fever. To prevent this disease, the benefits of strawberries are one solution so that the body can be helped in fighting typhus bacterial infectious disease itself.

  • 6. Counteracting Liver Disease
Liver disease commonly known as hepatitis is a disease caused by viruses and alcohol or drugs. Start eating strawberries, then this liver disease will be successfully resisted. This is because, the benefits of strawberries contain flavonoids which are also derived from the plants of Silybum Marianum L.

  • 7. Relieve Symptoms of Diarrhea
Strawberries contain phytonutrients that can protect the body against diseases such as diarrhea. In addition, this fruit is also capable of digestion and is able to treat stomach ailments. A number of other fruits are also very good for digestion such as:
- Papaya fruit
- Guava
- Orange fruit

  • 8. Delay the Aging Process
Strawberries have a high antioxidant content, so that strawberries can deeply cleanse the body so that it can delay the aging process that is often experienced by every human being. Even a study from Harvard has proven that those who consume berries are able to slow memory loss for up to three years. The benefits of this antioxidant are also found in:
- Green Apple Fruit
- Cranberry fruit

  • 9. Take care of facial skin
Strawberries, can be used to treat the skin because this fruit has a high vitamin C content. And this vitamin, is able to soften dry skin. How to process it is quite easy:
- Mix one teaspoon of melted butter with fresh strawberry juice
- Then, apply this mixture to the face and leave it for half an hour
- After that, wash your face with soap and add facial tonic


  • 10. Natural facial bleach
In addition, strawberries are also able to be a whitener for dull skin. The trick is also quite easy:
- By splitting the berries into two parts
- Then, apply the inside of the fruit to the entire face and leave it overnight
- After that, wash your face cleanly in the morning
Many studies reveal that strawberries are able to treat facial skin. One of them is cosmetologist Juliana Yu MD H who according to her, fruit that is rich in vitamin C like strawberries has the potential as an antioxidant that can help maintain skin elasticity.

  • 11. Strengthens the Stamina of the Body
Strawberries have a mineral source that can help restore your body's stamina so it doesn't get weak. Even according to herbal experts, strawberries are able to treat blood and kidney conditions, expedite urine, expel phlegm and improve blood circulation.

  • 12. Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy
Because it contains vitamin C which is high in strawberries, it is also useful to keep teeth and gums healthy. In fact, the beneficial content of calcium and phosphorus in strawberries is also believed to be beneficial for healthy teeth and gums.

  • 13. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants
Benefits of strawberries also contain saponins (glycosides which are found in plants), favonoida (an active chemical known as silimarin can be used as a drug or protector of liver disease), polyphenols (as antioxidants), has antioxidant properties, has anti-bacterial properties and vitamin C.

Benefits of Arbei Fruit for Health and Beauty - Of the many ingredients full of nutrition, finally the strawberry fruit has considerable benefits. As a fruit that contains antioxidants, strawberries are very important to form immunity because it can neutralize free radicals so that strawberries can protect the body from various infections.

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