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10 Benefits of Watermelon for Body Health

In addition to delicious and refreshing, it turns out the watermelon fruit has many benefits for your body health. Watermelon fruit juice is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and substances - more green, but only have just calories by 46 kcal per glass.

Here are the ten benefits of watermelon fruit to your health condition!

1::. Helps Restore Body Fluids
Watermelon Fruit Helps Restore Body Fluids
Drinking water can restore your lost body fluids. But there are some foods that can restore your body fluids.Watermelon itself has a water content of 92%! The high water content in the watermelon can be the cause of yourself feeling full after eating it. The combination of high water and fiber coupled with low calories makes the watermelon a favorite fruit to eat after a meal.

2::. Containing A Variety Of Vitamins That Are Useful For The Body
Containing A Variety Of Vitamins That Are Useful For The Body
Watermelon fruit is one of the lowest-calorie fruit that is 46 calories per glass. That amount is less than "low-sugar" fruits such as strawberries.
The vitamins and minerals contained within 154 grams are:
  • Vitamin C - 21%
  • Vitamin A - 18%
  • Potassium - 5%
  • Magnesium - 4%
  • Vitamins B1, B5 and B6 - 3%
Watermelon also contains beta carotene and citrulline, an amino acid that is very beneficial for the body. Here's an antioxidant translation of the watermelon :
Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals
  • Carotenoids are minerals derived from plants that will be processed by the body into vitamin A
  • Lycopene is a very potent type of carotenoids to be an antioxidant and give a red color to vegetables such as tomatoes. Lycopene is believed to bring many benefits to the body.
Cucurbitacin E
  • Cucurbitacin E is an antioxidant substance that also serves as an anti-inflammatory (preventing swelling in the body).
3::. Watermelon Fruit Contains Substances That Can Prevent Cancer
Watermelon Fruit Contains Substances That Can Prevent Cancer
Researchers have studied lycopene and other substances contained in watermelon and find out the effects of these substances in preventing cancer.Lycopene itself is believed to reduce a person's risk of some types of cancer. Existing studies show that lycopene is potent in reducing the risk of gastrointestinal cancers.Lycopene can also lower insulin growth factor (IGF), a protein that plays a role in the process of cell division in the body. The high level of IGF in the body is related to a person's risk of cancer.In addition, Cucurbitacin E shows its ability to prevent tumor growth in a person's body.

4::. Watermelon Fruit Can Make Someone's Calmness
Watermelon Fruit Can Make Someone's Calmness
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world.Some factors such as diet can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. And one of the benefits of watermelon fruit is believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.Studies show that lycopene can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Lycopene also prevents the occurrence of disorders of cholesterol due to oxidation processes in the body.According to a study conducted in women who have undergone menopause and middle-aged men in Finland, lycopene can reduce the thickness and relaxes blood vessel walls.Citrulline contained in watermelon fruit can increase the content of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide itself makes blood vessels enlarge, lowering blood pressure.Some types of vitamins and other minerals contained in watermelon is also good for your heart health.These vitamins and minerals include vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

5::. Diligent Eating Watermelon Fruit Can Prevent Inflammation
Diligent Eating Watermelon Fruit Can Prevent Inflammation
Inflammation is one of the main causes of chronic diseases in people.Watermelon itself has minerals that can reduce the risk of inflammation such as vitamin C and lycopene.In a study that took place in 2015, experimental mice were given watermelon powder as an additional supplement. Compared with mice that did not diberkan powder watermelon, mice-mice that have high levels of C-reactive protein (a sign of inflammation) is lower.Other studies also show the effect of lycopene as an antioxidant to the human body. The trial participants were given tomato juice (which is rich in lycopene) which has been given extra vitamin C. In general, their risk of inflammation decreases dramatically. Fruit Watermelon itself is rich in vitamin C and lycopene.Substances - antioxidants that exist in watermelon fruit uga good for brain health. For example, these substances can slow the occurrence of Alzheimer's in someone.

6::. Watermelon turns out to be healthy for eye health
Watermelon turns out to be healthy for eye health
Substances contained in watermelon can prevent eye damage that comes with age. Eye disorders called age-related macular degeneration aka AMD can cause blindness in those who are elderly.Lycopene that acts as an anti-oxidant itself is very powerful to prevent the occurrence of AMD in the eye tissue of a person.

7::. Watermelon Fruit Able to Eliminate Muscle Pain
Watermelon Fruit Able to Eliminate Muscle Pain
Citrulline, one of the amino acids contained in watermelon, can reduce the pain in the muscles.A study was conducted by providing athletes with watermelon juice and watermelon juice mixed with citrulline. Both drinks were able to reduce the pain felt by athletes and speed up the recovery of a person's heart rate to normal levels.The researchers also conducted research on the absorption of citrulline that occurs in the body. Their research shows that citrulline is faster and effectively absorbed if consumed in the form of watermelon juice.Other research on the potential of citrulline to improve the endurance and performance of athletes is still viable. But unfortunately, these studies have not shown significant results.

8::. Diligently Eating Watermelon Makes Your Skin and Hair Healthy
Diligently Eating Watermelon Makes Your Skin and Hair Healthy
Vitamin A and Vitamin C contained in watermelon is very important for healthy skin and your hair.Vitamin C plays a role to help your body produce collagen, a protein that keeps your skin smooth and your hair is not easy to fall off.Vitamin A is also important for skin health because vitamin A is very helpful in the process of repairing cells in the body. Without enough vitamin A, your skin will appear dry and cracked.Lycopene and Beta Carotene are also useful to prevent your skin from sunburn.

9::. Good Watermelon Fruit For Your Digestive Tract
Good Watermelon Fruit For Your Digestive Tract
Watermelon contains a lot of water and little fiber - both of which are important criteria for healthy foods of the digestive tract.Excess fiber can inhibit your digestive tract, while water helps to smoothen your digestive tract.

10::. Avoiding Dehydration and Rich Fiber
Avoiding Dehydration and Rich Fiber
Watermelon is one of the fruits with very high water content. So no wonder if this fruit is well-liked citizens of the tropics and become a favorite fruit during the summer in the country 4 seasons. Very high water content will make a person avoid dehydration, and it feels better than regular mineral water. In addition, the fiber contained in watermelon will help a person avoid constipation. Eating fruits rich in water and fiber like watermelon helps to smoothen your digestive tract, especially your colon health.

Watermelon fruit is a very healthy fruit and is a favorite of many people. Efficacy of watermelon fruit arises from the water content in large quantities and contains various kinds of minerals that are good for the body, such as lycopene and vitamin C.
Therefore, watermelons not only serve as low-calorie foods that are delicious to consume - Watermelon benefits make watermelon fruit a 'delicious' food for your health!

There has been considerable discussion about the benefits of Watermelon Fruit. I apologize, if there is an error from this article. Finally, please leave your comments below as support and participation !!!



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