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Benefits of Melon Fruit for Health

Melon | Benefits For Better Life - Melon (Cucumis melo L.) is the name of the fruit as well as the plant that produces it, which belongs to the pumpkin-labuan or Cucurbitaceae. The fruit is usually eaten fresh as a table fruit or sliced ​​as a fruit ice mixture. The part eaten is fruit flesh (mesocarp). The texture is soft, white to red, depending on the cultivar. Seasonal plants, propagate but spread, do not climb. Leaf shaped with a curvature of moderate so that it is like an angular circle. The stem is usually not woody. This plant is home to one with two types of flowers: male flowers and hermaphrodites. Male flowers appear usually when the plants are young or if they grow poorly. Pepo type fruit. The mesocarp part thickens into juicy flesh. breeding is directed at thick, sweet, and if possible, fragrant fruit flesh. Melon is very diverse, especially seen from the shape of the fruit. There are two subspecies and ten cultivar groups ('cultivar group') in this species: - Sub

18 Papaya | Benefits For Better Life

Papaya | Benefits For Better Life - The most effective benefits of papaya fruit are to smooth digestion and defecate, but did you know that papaya stores thousands of other benefits. Papaya is a type of fruit plant that is very much maintained. Papaya fruit is delicious to be enjoyed in any atmosphere. From young papaya to cooked ones, it can be enjoyed as a culinary delicacy. Behind it all, papaya is indeed well consumed because its properties are also abundant. Nutritional Content of Papaya Fruit beautiful sliced papaya fruit creations One medium-sized papaya fruit, contains about 120 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrates (in which there are 5 grams of fiber and 18 grams of sugar) and 2 grams of protein. Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C and one papaya, providing 224% of daily needs. Other papaya contents consist of : - Folat - Vitamin A - Magnesium - Copper - Pantothenic acid - Fiber - Vitamin B - Alpha - Beta carotene - Lutein - Zeaxanthan - Vitamin E - Calcium - Potassium

Benefits of Peaches Health

Peaches | Benefits For Better Life - Peaches are a fruit that is quite famous in the world, discovered and popularized by China in 2000 BC, some even mention 6000 BC. Peaches have a delicious taste, sweet and slightly sour. Whereas in Latin, this fruit has the name, Prunus persica. Whereas in Japanese, peaches are called momo. Peaches have been distributed to almost all of the world, through the trade process, of course the largest producer is still the country of China. In China, peaches are considered a symbol of friendship and eternal life. Benefits of Peaches Health young peaches look beautiful when exposed to the sun in the morning Peaches and seeds turned out to be used as medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. Surely this is not surprising, because there are many nutrients in it. Peaches have benefits in overcoming anemia, maintaining heart health and various other benefits that will be explained below. 1. Helps Prevent Cancer One study in America states that the polyphenols

Benefits of Apricot Fruit

Apricot | Benefits For Better Life - Apricots (Prunus armeniaca, Latin for "Armenian plum", syn. Armeniaca vulgaris Lam., Armenian: Ծիրան, Mandarin: 杏 xing) is one species of subgenus Prem. The origin of this plant is difficult to ascertain because it has been cultivated since prehistoric times. Most likely this plant originates from the north and west of mainland China or Central Asia, but may also come from Korea or Japan. Apricot fruit is one of the fruits grown in cold areas. Apricot fruit is a fruit that is grown in the territory of Indonesia and is usually produced for export abroad. The characteristics of this fruit are apricot fruit which has almost the same type as peaches, the color of this fruit is the same as citrus fruit and the flesh of this fruit is yellow and has a sweet taste. Apricot fruit has health and beauty benefits. This is because in the apricot fruit has a variety of nutritional content. apricot flower tree spring branch The nutritional content conta