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12 Benefits of Jicama and Side Effects for Health | Fruits Benefits For Better Life

Benefits of Jicama and Side Effects for Health - Who doesn't know about this one? This fruit often appears in advertisements, especially for cosmetics or skin moisturizers. This fruit has the Latin name Pachyrhizus erosus and in English it is called Jicama. Jicama was first discovered in the United States and Mexico, then from Mexico it was spread to the Philippines. From the Philippines, this fruit then spread to China, only after that was distributed to Southeast Asia. In addition to being eaten raw / fresh, yam can also be processed as soup, fruit salad, some other dishes. Not only the fruit, the roots of the yam plant also have health benefits. Benefits of Jicama for health Jicama plants turned out to be very good in peat soil. Jicama is noted to have several health benefits, ranging from lightening the skin, increasing the immune system, preventing osteoporosis and various other benefits described below. 1. Brighten the skin Jicama has long been used to brighten the skin. The