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Benefits of Noni fruit

Noni | Fruit Benefits for Better Life - Noni (Morinda citrifolia) or keumeudee (Aceh); Noni, then, must (Java); cangkudu (Sunda); Kodhuk (Madura); tibah (Bali) originated from Southeast Asia, belonging to the family Rubiaceae. Other names for this plant are noni (Hawaii), nono (Tahiti), nonu (Tonga), ungcoikan (Myanmar) and ach (Hindi). This plant grows in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 m. The height of the noni tree reaches 3–8 m, has white humped flowers. The fruit is a compound fruit, the young are shiny green and have dots, and when they are old they are white with black spots. Traditionally, the people of Aceh used Noni fruit as a vegetable and salad. The leaves are also used as one of the ingredients of traditional food which often appears as a mandatory iftar menu. Therefore, noni is often planted near homes in rural areas in Aceh. Besides noni is also often used as a medicinal ingredient. Origin | Noni Fruit Benefits for Better Life The origin of Noni is inseparable from t