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Benefits of Noni fruit

Noni | Fruit Benefits for Better Life - Noni (Morinda citrifolia) or keumeudee (Aceh); Noni, then, must (Java); cangkudu (Sunda); Kodhuk (Madura); tibah (Bali) originated from Southeast Asia, belonging to the family Rubiaceae. Other names for this plant are noni (Hawaii), nono (Tahiti), nonu (Tonga), ungcoikan (Myanmar) and ach (Hindi).

This plant grows in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 m. The height of the noni tree reaches 3–8 m, has white humped flowers. The fruit is a compound fruit, the young are shiny green and have dots, and when they are old they are white with black spots.

Traditionally, the people of Aceh used Noni fruit as a vegetable and salad. The leaves are also used as one of the ingredients of traditional food which often appears as a mandatory iftar menu. Therefore, noni is often planted near homes in rural areas in Aceh. Besides noni is also often used as a medicinal ingredient.

Origin | Noni Fruit Benefits for Better Life

The origin of Noni is inseparable from the existence of the Polynesians who settled in the Pacific Ocean Islands

The origin of Noni is inseparable from the existence of the Polynesians who settled in the Pacific Ocean Islands. Polynesians are believed to be from (Southeast Asia). In 100 BC, famous nations dared to wander. Without a clear reason they crossed the ocean leaving their homeland. There was the impression that the wanderers were disappointed by something and the intention was to distance themselves from their previous lives. After long wandering, they arrived around Polynesia, an archipelago around the South Pacific. The adventurers immediately fell in love when they saw the beautiful scenery, beach conditions, and islands.

Noni | Fruit Benefits for Better Life - Uniquely, they seemed to have prepared themselves to move to another island. This can be proven by the presence of a number of plants and animals that were brought along, because it was considered important to maintain life. Some native plants, such as bananas, taro, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, sugar cane, and noni, were brought in. Among those who were brought, there were still a form of cuttings and shoots. One of the plants, namely Noni, is considered sacred. Since 1500 years ago the islanders who are now called Hawaii know noni as noni. They suspect that the plant called Latin Morinda citrifolia has many benefits. They see it as a Hawaii magic plant, because this fruit is believed to be able to treat various diseases.

General characteristics

  • Tree

Noni trees are not very large, between 4–6 m tall. bent-bent stem, stiff, rough, and has a taproot that is embedded in. Gray-brown or yellowish-brown bark, shallow, not hairy, four-branched. The headers are always green throughout the year. Noni wood is easily split after drying. Can be used to support pepper plants.

  • Leaves

Shiny thick leaves. Noni leaves are located face to face. The size of the leaves is large, thick and single. The shape is jorong-lanset, measuring 15-50 x 5-17 cm. flat leaf edges, short pointed edges. The base of the leaf is shaped like a peg. Pinnate leaf veins. Shiny white color, not hairy. Short leaf base, measuring 0.5-2.5 cm. The size of the foliage varies, in the form of a wide triangle. Noni leaves can be eaten as vegetables. High nutritional value because many contain vitamin A. which is said to cure ambein.

  • Flower

The flower blooms from a petal shaped like a bunch. The flowers are white, fragrant

The flowers are arranged in a pluralistic, round-shaped type of inflorescence, stemmed from 1 to 4 cm, growing in the armpit of the foliage which faces the leaves that grow normally. Pansy flowers, white flower crowns, funnel-shaped, can reach 1.5 cm in length. Stamen stuck in the mouth of the crown. The pistil head is shooting two. The flower blooms from a petal shaped like a bunch. The flowers are white, fragrant.

  • Fruit

Compound fruit, formed from fruiting that is fused and humped inside; fruit development gradually follows the process of flower expansion which starts from the end of the hump to the base; 7.5–10 cm in diameter. The surface of a compound fruit is divided into speckled and warty polygonal (multilevel) barriers, which originate from the rest of its single fruiting fruit. Green when thick, before cooking it becomes yellowish white, and finally pale white when cooking. Soft fruit flesh, composed of pyramid-shaped fruits with white flesh, is formed from mesocarp. Fruit flesh contains a lot of water which smells like rotten cheese or goat odor that arises because of mixing between capric acid (fatty acids with ten carbon atoms) am kaproat (C6), and caprylic acid (C8). It is suspected that the last two compounds are active antibiotics.

Noni Nutritional Content

The content of noni fruit is very good for the body, some of which are as follows:
  • 1. Terpenoid Substance

The content of terpenoids in noni helps the organic synthesis process which is useful for the recovery of body cells.

  • 2. Nutrition content

Protein, vitamins and minerals that are important in full are obtained from Noni fruit. Antioxidants named selenium found in noni fruit is one of the great types of antioxidants.

  • 3. Anti-bacterial substances
These substances kill the bacteria that cause infection (for example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Morganii Protestants, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis). The benefits of Noni fruit are also useful for controlling deadly bacteria such as Pathogen. This makes Noni fruit kill bacteria that can cause infection. The following are various kinds of bacteria that can be killed using Noni fruit:
- Pseudomonas aeruginosa
- E coli
- Bacillus subtilis
- Morganii Protests
- Staphylococcus aureus
- Salmonella
- S.typhi
- Scotman
- Shigella dusenteriae
- S.pradysenteriae
  • 4. Anti-cancer substances
The content of anti-cancer substances in Noni fruit is very effective against abnormal cells, which makes the emergence of cancer symptoms.

  • 5. Nutrition

Noni has many nutrients in it. In general, Noni is a fruit that provides complete nutrition. The following are various kinds of nutrients in Noni fruit:
- Protein.
- Vitamins.
- Enough minerals. Minerals are in the fruit and also Noni leaves.
- Selenium. Selenium is a mineral that functions as a high antioxidant.
- Compound. In noni there are also various kinds of active compounds. Compounds in noni fruit are steroid plants, alizarin, lycine, caprylic acid, socium, proxeronine, anther quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium.

  • 6. Scolopetin
Scolopetin is a kind of beneficial compound to repel inflammation and allergies.
  • 7. Xeronine and Proxeronine
  • 8. Bioactive substances
  • 9. Iridoids
  • 10. Fiber
  • 11.Metil
  • 12.Asetil
  • 13.Morindone
  • 14.Kapril Acid

Characteristics of Noni Plants

Traditionally, the people of Aceh used Noni fruit as a vegetable and salad

Noni | Fruit Benefits for Better Life - In order not to be deceived by other plants or plants, we should know the characteristics of noni plants. The following are the characteristics of Noni or Noni plants:
  • - Tree

The physical characteristics of the stem noni tree are not too large as well as too high. It's only 4-6 meters high. The branches of the noni tree are stiff, their roots are rugged and have rough branches. The color of the chocolate bar is near grayish.

  • - Leaves

Leaves from a thick leafy noni tree. Noni leaves are located face to face. The leaves are wide and large. The edges of the leaves are flat.

  • - Flower

Flowers from compound noni plants, round flowers. Noni flowers are 4 cm long. Noni flower is named a pansy fruit, with white flower crown, its shape resembles a funnel and has a length of 1.5 cm. There are stamens and stuck in the mouth of the crown. The pistons of noni flowers are two.

Benefits of Noni

The benefits of Noni fruit can improve health, substance and nutrients that make the Noni fruit has a variety of properties for health. The following are various kinds of properties obtained from consuming Noni or Noni.
  • 1. Relieves headaches

Since long ago many used Noni as a pain reliever (analgesic). An analgesic content of 75% defeats morphine sulfate to reduce pain.

  • 2. Reducing high blood pressure

For those of you who have hypertension or high blood pressure it is better to use Noni fruit to reduce blood pressure to normal. The method can be consumed directly by peeling the skin or you can by boiling it. The xeronine content in noni fruit is useful for normalizing one's blood pressure. Substances of phytonutrients Scopoletin useful to dilate blood vessels, to lower blood pressure. So the performance of the heart does not beat too hard to pump blood.

  • 3. Promotes digestion

Consuming noni regularly can also facilitate digestion. Diseases such as flatulence, vomiting, small intestinal injuries and inflammation of the stomach can be treated with noni fruit. The fiber content in noni fruit is beneficial for digestion. The trick is to consume noni fruit before taking a large portion of food.

  • 4. Anti implamation

Benefits of Noni fruit which has anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to prevent inflammation. Also decreases the risk of heart disease symptoms.

  • 5. Improve the immune system

The content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, peptides and enzymes contained in noni improves the body's immune system. Natural antioxidants, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 are needed by the body to ward off free radicals. Vitamin C which is in noni fruit can also be useful to increase the immune system in the body so that various types of diseases cannot enter the body. People with low immune systems can easily get sick.

  • 6. Anti-bacterial

In the noni fruit, there are also anti-bacterial properties contained in anthraquinone and stunned compounds, nourishing the skin from attacks by parasites and fungi that cause skin diseases.

  • 7. Helps reduce cholesterol

Dyslipidemia is an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood which is a major factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. A team of Pakistani-Saudi researchers used water extract and ethanol based on Noni fruit, leaves and roots to treat laboratory mice in which dyslipidemia was induced. They suggested that all three extracts could significantly reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in animals that had dyslipidemia induced through the administration of a high-fat diet. The results of the study were published in the 2010 edition of "Lipids in Health and Disease."

The xeronine and proxeronine substances can treat the bad cholesterol content in the body. To treat cholesterol, you can boil the noni fruit and drink the cooking water regularly.
8. Prevent cancer
Research has stated that the presence of 2-methoxy-1,3,6-trihydroxyanthraquinone compounds in noni fruit is good for preventing cell DNA damage that causes cancer symptoms and is good for maintaining healthy cells in the body.

Noni or noni has a high anti-oxidant. All foods and herbal medicines that have high antioxidants are useful for preventing cancer cells and the spread of cancer cells in the body.

  • 9. Treat gout

Gout should not be underestimated. Gout can cause various chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and many other diseases. Gout is characterized by cramps at night, feet feel cold and many more. Iridoid substances in Noni or Noni fruit can be useful for treating gout.

  • 10. Treat diabetes

Proxeronine is a substance that can be useful for treating diabetes. Both dry diabetes and wet diabetes. Diabetes must be treated immediately, because it is very dangerous if wet diabetes is injured. The wound can infect the organs around it. So that the amputation process must be done.

  • 11. Treating goiter

Mumps is caused by a swollen thyroid gland. The method of treatment using Noni fruit is very easy, namely by reducing salt consumption and using Noni fruit necklace that is still thick. Besides consuming Noni or Noni regularly can reduce the tyorid glands in the neck.

  • 12. Prevent free radicals

Free radicals can affect skin and health. Now there are many free radicals around us. To ward off free radicals, it is necessary to consume noni fruit regularly. You can consume herbal medicines from noni juice or consume noni directly. Bioactive substances in noni can be used to ward off free radicals.

  • 13. Blood circulation

Noni or Noni is useful for blood circulation. Scopoletin substances can be useful for blood circulation. That is because scopeletin substances can dilate blood vessels. Wide blood vessels can promote blood circulation in the body.

  • 14. Treating infections

Infection can be caused by various types of bacteria that are in the body. Antibacterial substances in noni fruit are useful for removing bacteria that can make infection more severe. In addition to killing bacteria, anti-bacterial substances are useful for controlling bacteria in the body.

  • 15. Put on a cough

Coughing can be caused by bacteria and viruses around us. Consuming noni fruit can be useful to relieve coughs and eliminate coughing. Anti-bacterial substances in the noni fruit are useful for relieving itching and killing germs and diseases that are in the throat. The methods are as follows:
- Boil two cooked noni fruits
- Mix with half the leaves
- Boil using two glasses of water until boiling
- Leave only one glass
- Strain the water, then drink the water twice a day
- First time will make the itching in the throat disappear, then coughing will subside over time.

  • 16. Eliminate jaundice

Yellow pain can be characterized by yellowing body parts, decreased body weight, wrinkled skin and many others. Research shows the fact that noni can be useful for relieving jaundice experienced by sufferers. The way to make it is as follows:
- Prepare two Noni fruits that have been cooked and remove the smell
- Smooth noni and squeeze noni
- Insert honey in noni juice
- Mix well
- Drink three times a day.

  • 17. Cure inflammation of the intestine

Someone who experiences inflammation of the intestine can be cured using Noni or Noni. Scolopetin substances in noni fruit are useful to relieve inflammation and wounds in the intestine.

  • 18. Treat gastric inflammation

Gastric inflammation has the same characteristics as stomach ulcers. The stomach will be sore and twisted. To treat gastric inflammation, you can use scolopetin which is in the noni content. The trick is to boil the noni fruit together with noni leaves. Drink regularly three times a day until inflammation recovers.

  • 19. Treat food poisoning

People who are exposed to food poison can be relieved using Noni. That is because in noni substances there are anti-bacterial substances that can neutralize bacteria that are in toxic food. Toxic foods can be caused by expired foods and foods that are processed using ingredients that are not hygienic. The characteristics of food poisoning people are:
- Pale face
- Dizzy
- Mual and vomiting
- Stomach ache
- Defecation continuously

  • 20. Inflammation of the throat

Sore throat is characterized by a sore feeling in the throat caused by wounds and infections in the throat. This inflammation can be treated using noni. The content of scolopetin in the noni fruit can treat inflammation in the throat.

  • 21. Bronchitis

Bronchitis can be treated using noni. The content of anti-bacterial substances in noni fruit is useful to prevent bacteria that enter the lungs and kill bacteria that are in the lungs. Consuming noni regularly can eliminate bacteria in the lungs so that bronchitis will improve.

  • 22. Treat skin inflammation

Skin inflammation can be characterized by a reddish tone on the surface of the skin. Scolopetin substances in noni fruit can treat the inflammation of the skin that you are suffering from.

  • 23. Treat toothache

Antibiotics can be replaced using Noni. That is because in noni there are anti-bacterial substances that can make toothache subside and disappear due to the bacteria that causes toothache has been removed.

  • 24. Treat burns

Burns can happen to anyone. When burned, skin cells become damaged. Therefore for healing, damaged cells must be renewed. Noni can be used to treat burns. That is because in Noni there is a terpenoid substance that can restore damaged cells in the body.

  • 25. Cure ulcers

Ulcers can be cured using Noni. Anti-bacterial Zan in Noni can be used to treat ulcers. The trick is to grate noni and stick it to the ulcer.

  • 26. Treating dysentery

Decentri caused by Shigella dusenteriae bacteria. These bacteria can be killed using Noni. Anti-bacterial substances in noni fruit can treat dysentery by killing the bacteria that causes the dysentery.

  • 27. Overcome diarrhea

Salmonella and e colli bacteria are types of bacteria that can cause a person to get diarrhea. Diarrhea can be cured by noni because the noni content has anti-bacterial substances. Antibacterial substances can kill salmonella / e colli bacteria and treat diarrhea.

  • 28. Increase energy

The protein in noni fruit is useful for producing energy in the body. Besides being able to increase noni energy, it is well known that it is very important to help reduce the feeling of weakness.

  • 29. Reduces pain

Noni is an analgesic so that it can reduce pain. Analgesics are useful for relieving headaches. Joint pain can be treated using this drug. Noni has 75 percent analgesic substances. People affected by joint pain can be treated using noni with morphine sulfate properties in noni fruit.

  • 30.Damaman deman

Fever can also be removed and treated using noni. How to treat fever using noni is as follows:
- Take one noni fruit
- Mix with grated kencur
- Boil the two ingredients
- Use two cups of water and leave only one glass
- Kemudia filter the water, Drink the boiled water regularly.

  • 31. Treating tumors

Benign tumors can be treated using Noni. Noni is an antioxidant that can shrink tumors and fight tumor cells in the body.

  • 32. Remove scaly skin

For women who want to have smooth and moist skin, can use Noni fruit. Noni fruit can also soften the skin. The methods are as follows:
- Peel the noni fruit
- Large slices of noni fruit
- The flesh of the noni fruit scaly skin can be smeared
- Let stand for a maximum of 10 minutes
- Drink the clean cloth in warm water
- The part smeared with Noni is cleaned using a cloth that has been dipped in warm water
- Do it regularly

  • 33. Healthy bones

Noni fruit has a substance in the form of methyl, acetyl, capril acid, morindone which is useful to increase bones and increase bone density in the body. People whose bones are solid and will avoid various kinds of bone diseases. For example bone loss or osteoporosis and many others.

  • 34. Cure hemorrhoids

The content in the noni fruit and noni leaves is useful for curing hemorrhoid disease. How to treat it is very easy, decoction of noni fruit is mixed with the leaves. How to make:
- Boil noni leaves and fruit with two cups of water and leave only one glass
- After that, the cooking water regularly
- Ambeien is also increasingly light with fiber content in the noni fruit, so that the digestion of hemorrhoid sufferers will be smooth and avoid constipation.

In addition, there are also more than 14 types of health and prevention.

Side Effects of Noni Fruit

The content of terpenoids in noni helps the organic synthesis process which is useful for the recovery of body cells

Noni fruit may be safe when it comes to the recommended amount of consumption. But there are concerns when consuming Noni fruit for treatment, which may be in unsafe quantities.

Special Warning for Noni Consumption:
  • 1. Pregnant and lactating mothers

Avoid noni fruit during pregnancy because it is often used for abortion. Similarly, when breastfeeding, it is necessary to avoid consuming noni fruit, because it is not enough to know about noni fruit during breastfeeding.

  • 2. Kidney problems

The content of noni fruit is quite large in potassium. This can be problematic, especially for people who have kidney disease. Noni do not consume if you have kidney problems.

  • 3. Liver disease

Noni fruit is a number of cases of liver damage. Avoid consuming Noni, if you have liver dysfunction.

Noni fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, bark and even widely used as herbal medicine media. The effectiveness of this fruit has not been proven. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) even has several colors to produce herbs from Noni, which claim that health is not supported by facts. So that we as consumers, we must choose a treatment that is truly safe.

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